Star from Asia

PetaData becomes a star DDP reseller in Korea

PetaData was established in Seoul, Korea in 2009, supplying storage and archive solutions for the broadcasting market and environment.
Even in such a short period of time, PetaData has secured clients listed as major broadcast companies. The staff has 28 years broadcasting and IT business experience with plenty of prior knowledge of workflow in network production systems in the broadcasting environment.

Mr. Jan de Wit, CEO of Ardis & Mr. Jungman, CEO of PetaData

Mr. Jungman, CEO of PetaData, is very impressed by the DDP.


“It was difficult to satisfy demanding customers guaranteed performance with NAS based systems, so we were looking for a better storage solution. The DDP was truly eye-opening for us. It is SAN based, very fast and gives each client more throughput."

"At the same time it is very simple to install and operate in comparison to traditional SAN systems. Also, because of the iSCSI SAN technology of Ardis Technologies, the customer can reduce the total costs, as they can use current network infrastructure.

We have sold over 20 DDP systems in the last two months and we think this is the beginning of a very successfull DDP journey.”

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